Seychelles simulates tsunami alert exercise

Seychelles joined more than 20 countries in the Indian Ocean region in participating in a tsunami simulation exercise, referred to as the Exercise Indian Ocean Wave 2018 (IOWave18).

The two-day tsunami exercise, which spanned from September 4-5, tested the capacities of the national warning system and local emergency responders in areas such as communication, rapidity of response, preparedness and evacuation procedures.

The exercise is conducted every two years and is aimed at increasing the level of tsunami preparedness in Indian Ocean countries in the aftermath of the devastating 2004 tsunami.

It builds on previous Indian Ocean exercises conducted in 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2016.

On the first day of the simulation exercise, Seychelles and other countries were tested with a scenario where a tsunami alert was raised due to a magnitude 9.0 earthquake which occurred off the coast of Iran.

According to the director general of the Department for Risk and Disaster Management (DRDM) Paul Labaleine, although a Code Red alert was raised on the first day no deployments of resources were made.

Rather the first day mostly focused on the component of communication links between the various agencies involved.

These agencies included the police force, the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency (SFRSA), Seychelles Peoples’ Defence Forces (SPDF) and district task forces among others.

Mr Labaleine explained that communications was an essential component to evaluate because it allowed the emergency liaison officers and responders in each agency to get used to these procedures.

“For some of these participants it was their very first time. Aside from communications, they were also able to participate in drafting an action plan for a tsunami response for the very first time,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile the second day, which was yesterday, saw another simulation where a tsunami alert was received at 7am.

The earthquake was at a magnitude of 9.3 and occurred off the western coast of Northern Sumatra in Indonesia, the same area which had caused the tsunami in 2004.

This time, the responders conducted a much hands-on approach whereby a Code Red alert was activated following which all protocols and resources were mobilised.

“This tsunami was much stronger than that of the previous day. Even though it was almost the same magnitude as the first earthquake, the waves were much stronger,” Mr Labaleine explained.

Perseverance district was chosen as the location for the mock drill and Mr Labaleine explained that this is because coastal areas are the first to be evacuated and assisted during a tsunami threat.

Additionally, Perseverance is also the ideal testing ground due to its extreme low-level and its large number of inhabitants which “acts as a challenge” for the emergency response teams.

From 8am up until around noon, their goal was to evacuate inhabitants to the shelters set up at the Perseverance primary school and the Anse Etoile church.

At 1.30pm officers from the DRDM, police force, SFRSA, Perseverance District Emergency Brigade Team and even from the Public Utilities Corporation were deployed on the field.

A rapid assessment exercise was undertaken to evaluate the extent of the damage and conduct search and rescue operations to save those who somehow had not been able to evacuate.

In order to administer these operations, a temporary command centre was set up on the second floor of the Perseverance secondary school and which was linked to the main command centre at DRDM’s office in Mont Fleuri. The exercise concluded at around 3.30pm.

To note, yesterday was the first time that the command centre made use of drones during a disaster operation. This refers to the WeRobotics workshops held earlier this year in which various disaster responders, including the DRDM, were introduced to drones applications.

Perseverance District Administrator (DA) and head of the district’s emergency brigade Pharisianne Lucas said that she was satisfied with how the exercise was conducted even though there were certain small deficits.

Ms Lucas explained that the decision to host Perseverance’s emergency shelter at Anse Etoile needs to be revised in cases where Anse Etoile is also impacted.

She also acknowledged weaknesses in communications as well in the lack of alertness of her own response team.

“They have to be on alert at all times because you never know what might happen […]we have to re-evaluate our brigade and ensure people are more committed at all times for the safety of our community.”

A debriefing on the two-day simulation exercise is expected to be undertaken in the coming weeks with all stakeholders.

The accompanying photographs show scenes from the exercise yesterday.

Seychelles Fire and rescue services

Seychelles Fire and rescue services

Seychelles Fire and rescue services

En bato lwazir i sibir domaz swivan en leksplozyon abor

The Real Sea Princess Ocean Girl Charter, en bato ekskirsyon ki baze Bel Ombre e ki ti lo mouyaz, ti sibir domaz parsyel apre en lensidan dife abor yer bomaten.

Sa lensidan ti ariv ver 8er ler ki en travayer lo sa bato katamaran, Christian Pool, ti start masin e sete laki en tapaz ti rezonnen sorti dan fon sa bato e dife ti konman spran.

Swivan sa, Myse Pool i dir i ti sot dan delo pour li pa ganny brile. I pa’n ganny okenn dimal.

Msye Pool i dir i krwar ki sa dife in koze par lefe ki dan fon sa bato i annan tenk bennzin e kekfwa in annan en spark. Sa dife in bril fon sa bato, pet son fon e andomaz son sistenm elektrik.

Se bann lezot dimoun ki ti lo lezot bato ki ti lo mouyaz pre avek The Real Sea Princess Ocean Girl Charter, e lezot ki ti dan zalantour ki ti vitman reakte pour teny sa dife avek seo delo e anpes li propaze vi ki i ti kapab andomaz sa bann lezot bato.

Myse Pool ti pe prepar bato pour trwa kliyan pour en ekskirsyon. Sa bato, ekipe avek de masin Yamaha 250 sevo, i annan kapasite pour pran 20 kliyan.

Lanzans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz (SFRSA) ti deplas de masin tenny dife me dapre port parol sa lazans, Msye Jones Madeleine, ler zot ti arive, dife ti’n fini tenyen e sa ti konfirmen par lezot temwen sirplas. 

Sa i fer dezyenm lensidan dife dan bato sa semenm apre ki Merkredi bomaten, en lot bato, ‘Zil Pasyon’ tikoule dan zanmerant La Digue apre ki i ti’n brile konpletman.

Fire-fightersput out blaze in the middle of the night

After containing and putting the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation warehouse fire under control on Wednesday afternoon, fire-fighters monitoring the situation on sight had to fight and put out small blazes which reignited every now and then all throughout the night until early yesterday morning.

Public relations officer for the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency (SFRSA) Jones Madeleine stated that a team of fire-fighters was deployed to the scene overnight and they managed to put out the blaze at around 3am.

However, he added that another team was deployed by 8am on Thursday morning as the fire had reignited but they managed to extinguish it completely then.

He concluded that nobody from the fire department was injured although some fire-fighters had to be administered oxygen on site to aid breathing.

Asked what caused the fire, Mr Madeleine answered that an investigation is ongoing and that while they have some strong leads, they have not arrived at any conclusions yet.

A follow-up with the Seychelles Hospital confirmed that nobody had sought medical attention at the hospital in relation to the fire.

Nurse in charge at the casualty unit John Dubel stated that other than the two people who reported for treatment on Wednesday afternoon as they were suffering from shock, nobody else sought medical help.

Furthermore, paramedics attended to fire-fighters on the scene suffering from dehydration but nobody has reported to the casualty unit in the aftermath of the fire.

Meanwhile,various departments involved in combating the blaze on Wednesday afternoon are assessing their performance.

The Division for Risk and Disaster Management (DRDM), the agency that responds to incidents and emergencies and coordinates relief efforts,has expressed satisfaction with the performance of the various agencies that came together during the disaster.

Senior risk and disaster manager Cliff Allisop said the agency is satisfied with the way the emergency team including the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency (SFRSA), the Seychelles Police Force and paramedics reacted on Wednesday.

“The fire was contained but while it was difficult to extinguish it due to the windy conditions and the sheer size of the flames, the priority was to stop it from escaping established boundaries, something that was achieved by the fire department,” he said.

He explained that DRDM helped the emergency services by providing additional masks for some of the firemen who are still on training and certain members of the police mobilised close to the scene to direct traffic. They also provided food and water.

He added that an evaluation of the agency’s efforts will be possible once all departments have conducted an audit of the event but noted that he is satisfied overall.

Dife i detri parti en lakaz Pointe Conan

En lakaz trwa lasanm Pointe Conan in detri parsyelman par dife yer bomaten. Ti ver 9:35 bomaten ki zofisye relasyon piblik pour Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz Jones Madeleine i dir ki zot ti ganny alerte ki ti annan sa dife.

I dir letan en lekip sorti kot sa lazans ti ariv dan sa landrwa anviron sis minit plitar, sa lakaz ti konpletman an flanm.

In azoute ki ti pran mwens ki senk minit pour met dife anba kontrol e anviron 1erdtan 20minit pour tenny li konpletman.

Antou, kat dimoun ti reste dan sa lakaz an blok e tol ki’n detri parsyelman.

Dapre lenvestigasyon preliminer, Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz, sa dife in komans dan en lasanm. Lanket pe kontinyen pour determin son vre lakoz .

En gro dife i detri en stor kot depo SPTC anvil

En gro dife ki ti pran yer ver 1er apremidi in detri en stor kot depo SPTC lo Lari Latanier dan ki plizyer materyo parey larou, pyes, papye e lezot ki sa lakonpanyen i servi i ganny stoke.

Sa dife in ganny dekri konman parmi bann pli gro ziska prezan ki Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz ek lezot lazans ek servis dirzans dan pei i fer fas avek .

I pa kler kwa ki’n koz sa dife ki ti propaz vitman dan sa stor vi kalite bann materyo ki ti stoke ladan e osi avek divan vannswet ki ti ase for pandan sa letan.

Tou bann lazans konsernen parey departman risk ek dezas, servis tenny dife kot erport enternasyonal Sesel, servis dirzans Lopital Sesel, lapolis, bann zofisye kot Seypec e lezot ti mobilize e deplwaye vitman pour vin lo teren e ede fer sa ki neseser pour evakye dimoun e protez bann batiman dan zalantour pour anpese ki sa dife i propaze.

Gro lafimen nwanr ti kouver en gran parti lavil pouse par divan ki ti anmenn li dan diferan direksyon de tanzantan e sa ti koz lenkonvenyans e fristrasyon pour bokou dimoun, fer ki zanfan serten lekol parey Bel Eau primer ti bezwen al se zot pli  boner e osi koz en gran blokaz trafik partou dan bann semen dan lavil e sa ti ale ziska tar apremidi.

Lapolis osi ti bezwen mobiliz bokou son bann zofisye pour desann anvil pour vin ede diriz trafik e averti bann drayver pour servi bann larout alternativ pour ede soulaz enpe konzesyon dan lavil e osi pour dekouraz dimoun pour groupe tro pre avek landrwa kot dife ti’n pran.

SFRSA seychelles

En dife brousay i ganny met anba kontrol atan

En dife brousay dan leo North East Point ti ava’n kapab propaze e vin pli danzere yer apremidi si bann zofisye Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz pa ti’n ariv atan pour met li anba kontrol.

Zofisye relasyon piblik Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz Msye Jones Madeleine in dir ki ti ver 12er10 ki stasyon ti rikord lapel konmkwa i annan en dife dan brousay dan leo North East Point.