Fire damages two homes

Two homes were damaged yesterday in two separate fire incidents – one at Upper Brillant and the other at the Vista Do Mar Estate.

According to the owner of the house at Brillant, Philip Confiance, when he went to bed on Monday night, he made sure that nothing was switched on which could start a fire.

Mr Confiance, who lives alone in the house with his dog, said he was awakened at around midnight (Tuesday) by the strong smell of smoke in the house.

“When I woke up, the roof was on fire and my dog was trapped in the corner of a room. I tried to get to him, but my vision was limited, and the smoke made it difficult for me to breathe. I couldn’t save him. I charged out of the house and called the fire service. I tried to put out the fire, but it was too overwhelming,” said Mr Confiance.

The fire service arrived at the scene 45 minutes on account of the difficult roads and the direction it was given as to the location of the incident.

Two vehicles were deployed by the fire service as it had no idea how big the fire was.

Once on site, the fire service managed to put out the fire quickly, but most of the interior parts of the house had been destroyed.

An investigation is undergoing to ascertain the cause of the fire although the owner says he has reasons to believe that the fire might have been put deliberately.

As for the other incident, the fire service received a call at around 6.30am that a fire had started in a house at Vista Do Mar Estate.

The two persons who were in the house managed to escape once they realised that a fire had started and immediately alerted the fire service.

The fire service was fast to react to the situation as they arrived at the scene promptly.

The fire, which caused damage mostly to the interior of the house, was put out rather quickly.

“We urge everybody to try their best to prevent house fires from occurring such as not leaving electronic devices on or even forgetting to put out cigarette butts,”  said communications officer Jones Madeleine at the Seychelles Fire & Rescue Services Agency (SFRSA).

Fires are become a main threat to people’s lives and the SFRSA hopes that everyone understands that a fire can start at any time if precaution is not taken.

De dife i ganny raporte sa semenn

De lensidan dife ti ganny raporte sa semenn – enn dan distrik Pointe Larue e lot lo La Digue.

Dan sa lensidan Pointe Larue, dife ti detri en lakaz konpletman Merkredi swar.

Sa fanmiy ki ti reste dan sa lakaz trwa lasanm Nageon Estate pa’n ganny sans sov nanryen dan zot lakour.

Me erezman napa personn ki’n ganny blese pandan sa dife.

Dapre portparol Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz Jones Madeleine i paret ki ti napa personn kot lakour kan dife ti pran vi ki ti en vwazen ki osi en zofisye servis tenny dife ek sovtaz ki ti raport sa dife ver 5:26 apremidi.

“Ti pran apepre 20 minit pour kanmiyon ariv lo lasenn e ler bann zofisye ti ariv laba lakaz ti’n konpletman brile. Mon bezwen fer remarke ki ti annan trafik dan semen vi ki ti annan en aksidan alor sa in fer nou ganny retar,” i ti dir.

Msye Madeleine ti dir ki lakoz sa dife pa ankor determinen pandan ki lanket i ankor pe ganny fer.

Dan sa lot lensidan pli boner sa semenn dife ti pran dan en stor lo La Digue.

“Erezman bann zofisye ti ariv atan e se zis premye letaz ki’n ganny andomaze e dezyenm letaz ti entak,” Msye Madeleine ti dir.

Msye Madeleine pe demann manm piblik pour pran plis prekosyon espesyalman la pandan ki letan festivite pe aprose.

Seypec investigates Jet A-1 fuel leakage

The Seychelles Petroleum Company (Seypec) is investigating an incident on Sunday morning whereby some one hundred thousand litres of Jet A-1 fuel leaked out of a tank based at the company’s Airport depot.

According to the Seypec operations and technical general manger (GM) Ray Hoareau, the situation is now contained and fortunately the fuel leaked out of one of the smallest tanks at the depot, the A2 tank which has a capacity of eight hundred thousand litres.

Mr Hoareau said the Seypec team noticed a strong smell of Jet A-1 fuel in the air upon turning up for duty for their normal day to day operations.

Dife Coetivy

Lakonpannyen Devlopman Zil, IDC, in konfirm en ka dife brousay lo zil Coetivy. Sa lensidan ti ariv Dimans dan zanmerant ansyen hatchery ek runway.

Sete en prizonnyen ki ti pe rod zerb ki ti war dife pe manz anba dan bann fouzer e i ti alert manager zil. Deswit lekip IDC ti mobiliz son bann resours pour konbat sa dife.

Avek sa letan sek e pour anpes dife propaze, bann travayer ti bezwen fer balizaz. Manager Coetivy i dir dife in bril en bon pti pe vezetasyon dan sa zanmerant.

Yer bomaten bann travayer in fer en lot letour pour fini tenny bann pti labrez ki ti ankor pe alimen. Apard bann plant ki’n brile, in napa okenn lezot domaz.

En zonm 89-an i mor dan en dife Copolia

En zonm aze 89-an, Guy Savy, in mor apre ki dife ti bril li dan lakaz kot i ti pe reste Copolia.

Sa lensidan ti ariv apre 4er apremidi yer e portporal Lazans Servis Teny Dife ek Sovtaz (SFRSA) Jones Madeleine ti dir ki zot ti ganny sa rapor ver 4er35 apremidi e zot ti deplas trwa kanmiyon ek en bowser.

I ti azoute ki ti selman letan ki zot ti’n ariv kot sa landrwa ki zot ti aprann avek vwazen ki ti annan en zonm dan lakaz.

Remembering our home fire safety advice

Sometimes it takes bad news, like the recent series of fires on Mahé or the fire at Grenfell Tower in London earlier this year, to remember how important it is to protect our families and homes from fires. It is easy to forget the harm and destruction that past fires have caused while we try to manage our busy lives.

To help refresh our memories, public relations officer Jones Madeleine at the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency (SFRSA) shares some knowledge, advice and home fire safety tips.

“Since January this year, the fire service has recorded quite a number of fires and this is very alarming. Most of these cases are due to negligence or are accidental fires and we cannot rule out the cases of arson also. In some cases fire has destroyed part or even the whole house/building. In some houses, there were some minor damage as fires were detected early and extinguished at an early stage.”

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