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Functions of the SFRSA

Following the approval of the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency Act 2010, by the National Assembly, the Fire Brigade divorced from the Seychelles Police Department to become an autonomous body in the name of “Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency” or SFRSA. All staff of the Fire Brigade was transferred to the Agency. The operation and administration of the Agency is under the responsibility of a Chief Fire Officer, appointed by the Minister responsible for Home Affairs.

The Act stipulates that the primary function of the SFRSA is to protect and save life, property and environment from fire and other emergencies. In addition, the Agency will have the following functions (see Supplementation to Official Gazette, 2nd August 2010, 4(I)).

(a) To extinguish fires.
(b) To protect life, property and the environment from fire and hazardous material emergencies.
(c) To protect life and save property from fire or other emergencies.
(d) To provide advisory services and undertake other measures to promote –
(i) fire prevention and fire controls and,
(ii) safety and other procedures in a possible fire or other emergencies.
(e) To cooperate with any entity that provides emergency services.
(f) To ensure that reasonable steps are taken for the prevention of fire and protection against fire and other emergencies.
(g) To ensure that reasonable steps are taken to prevent or mitigate loss or injury from fire or other emergencies.
(h) To investigate fire and fire-related emergencies.
(i) To provide training in fire safety and other related subjects.
(j) To identify and market products and services incidental to its functions.


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