Vision and Mission

We envision being one of the finest and most modern fire and rescue services agencies by maintaining a high level of readiness and prompt response to emergencies.

The mission of the SFRSA is to protect and save life, property and environment from the effect of fires, hazardous or other emergency incidents. We will accomplish this mission, in collaboration with our partners and members of the public, by promoting

  • Safety and maintaining a highly trained, well equipped and motivated workforce of professional fire-fighters and rescue personnel,
  • Fire prevention and public safety educational programmes.

Core Values

We members of the agency are committed to conducting ourselves in an ethical manner, conforming to moral standard of right versus wrong by treating the people we serve humanely, professionally and honestly. We accept the responsibility for our decisions and actions. We are honourable to our profession and we inspire each other to maintain trustiness, openness and sincerity.

As part of its policy formulation exercise for the strategic plan, the participating members were also asked to define goals for the SFRSA, linking these to its overall mission and functions. These are presented in Box D below.

Goal 1 : Improve response to emergencies by decentralizing services.
Goal 2 : Enhance responsiveness to the health, safety and professional development needs of all its personnel.
Goal 3 : Develop and implement an effective public education and sensitization programme on safety and fire prevention.
Goal 4 : Strengthen institutional capacity.
Goal 5 : Acquire the necessary resources, including new technologies, for the efficient functioning of the Agency.
Goal 6 : Improve infrastructure and other facilities. .


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