Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services agency

Italian Blue Panorama returns to Seychelles International soon after take-off

An Italian Blue Panorama B757-200 aircraft with 130 passengers and 8 crew on board landed safely at Seychelles International Airport Pointe Larue after it was declared an emergency 18 minutes after take-off from Seychelles.

Flight BPA3277 departed Seychelles International Airport at 0015 local time, for Rome Fumicino, slightly earlier than scheduled. At 0033 the pilot contacted the Seychelles air traffic control tower and declared an emergency due to a cracked passenger cabin window.

Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services agency

Up Close with Fire and Rescue Services Agency’s chief fire officer Andre Morel

At 53, Andre Morel, the Fire and Rescue Services Agency’s chief fire officer, has all of these traits and more.

He showed his leadership skills during the recent series of fire disasters in the country and proved that his men in uniform are capable.

I met him on the eve of his birthday, as usual well groomed in his dark blue uniform at the agency’s headquarters on Latanier Road eager to share some of his life stories with me.

Born on May 6, 1958 at Anse Royale Hospital under the sign of Taurus, Mr Morel is the baby of a family of twelve. 
He is married to Margaret Morel and has a daughter.

I grew up and went to school in the Baie Lazare district and later went on to the Good Shepherd school at Hermitage, Mont Fleuri where the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation television station is today.”

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