Fire completely destroys four-bedroom house on Praslin

An intense fire completely destroyed a four-bedroom house at Pointe Cabris, Praslin yesterday afternoon.

Despite the efforts of the fifteen-strong Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency (SFRSA) crew, faced with intense flames that had taken over the whole residence and lack of water facilities in the area, it took at least an hour and a half to completely put out the flames.

As per Assistant Divisional Officer Antoine Souris, the SFRSA received the call at around 11.55am, it would seem from passersby or persons working in the area, and four of its vehicles were deployed, namely, two water tenders, a pick-up truck and an SUV.

Fire destroys seven fishing boats at Providence port

Seven artisanal fishing boats moored at the Providence port were completely destroyed by fire yesterday morning.

The Providence fishing port is managed by the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA).

In a press briefing later in the afternoon, the deputy chief executive of SFA, Ashik Hassan, however said that the Providence fishing port will resume most of its services today.

Seychelles Fire and rescue services agency

Dife i pran dan en laponp delo kot IPHS Ltd

Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz (SFRSA) ti rann lapel yer apre midi kot Ile du Port Handling Services Ltd (IPHS Ltd) pour ede tenny en dife ki ti’n pran dan en laponp delo ki bann travayer ti pe servi pour fer serten travay dan en drenaz.

Dapre en zofisye sa lazans ki ti lo scene, Ricky Meme, sete ver 4er40 yer apremidi ki zot ti ganny alerte ki ti annan sa dife kot sa lakonpannyen.

Deswit zot ti anvoy en masin tenny dife avek en kanmiyon delo pourdonn lasistans.

I ti dir ki ler zot ti arive dan 3 ou 4 minit kounmsa, bann travayer IPHS ti’n fini tenny sa dife dan sa laponp e kot i ti’n konmans marse dan sa drenaz.

Anvi ki ti annan ankor lafimen ki ti pe sorti, zot ti servi delo ek foam pour pez sa lafimen. I ti fer remarke ki dan sa drenaz ti annan rakor dezyel parmi lezot rakor lezot prozwi kemikal ki ti kapab en danze si dife pa t’in ganny tennyen atan.

Authorities launch investigation into Pointe Au Sel bush fire

The Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency and the Seychelles police have started an investigation into a bush fire at Pointe Au Sel, Au Cap which was reported at around 8.40am yesterday before being completely put out at 5.30pm.

According to the information and public relations officer, assistant divisional officer, Terence Arnephy, they initially deployed two fire engines with four fire officers to the scene but had to send an additional eight officers, due to the intensity of the fire, which had gone out of control.

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