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Fire fighters celebrate their day

May 4 has been recognised in many European countries for centuries as Fire Fighters’ Day because of Saint Florian.

According to legend, Saint Florian was able to save an entire burning village in ancient Rome with just a single bucket of water. Saint Florian (Patron Saint of fire fighters) is now known as the defender of those who come in danger of fire.

Seychelles Fire and rescue services agency

Dife dan forklift kot IOT

Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz ti bezwen entervenir yer swar pour tenny en dife dan en ‘forklift’ dan en lasal ki sarz batri kot lizin ton (IOT).

Zot ti ganny alerte lo sa lensidan ver 7er50 e deswit zot ti deplway de masin tenny dife, en bowser delo   ek douz personnel pour tenny sa dife.

Sete en travayer IOT, Patricia Larame, en supervisor pour distribisyon pwason, ki ti santi en loder karoutsou pe brile sorti dan direksyon lasal kot i sarz batri pour ‘forklift’ e i ti alert son bann siperyer. Menm si bann travayer ‘Safety’ ti pe sey tenny sa dife touzour, zot ti alert Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz ki ti vin deswit pour met sa dife anba kontrol ki ti’n kapab propaz dan bann tenk dyezel ki pa ti tro lwen avek sa landrwa kot sa lasal ki sarz batri e koz plis dega.

Sa lasal sarz batri in sibir enpe domaz ki pa tro signifikan, sirtou dan son plafon enkli serten parmi bann batri e detrwa stasyon ki sarz batri.

Sa ‘forklift’ li in ganny andomaze konpletman.


Fire in small excursion yacht put out

A fire in the electronic system of a small excursion yacht moored at the Eden Island marina was detected just as it began early yesterday morning and put out before any significant damages were caused.

Terence Arnephy, acting public relations officer at the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency (SFRSA), said they were alerted at around 7.55am and deployed two fire engines to the scene but luckily the fire was not a big one and was put out using only fire extinguishers on the yacht itself.

He went on to note that the fire was contained and remained only where it started, causing minimal damage.

Meanwhile an investigation is underway to determine the exact cause of the mishap. 

Compiled by M-A. L

Dife i andomaz en biro kot SIAH

Dife in konpletman andomaz biro ladministrasyon kot Lenstiti pour Lagrikiltir ek Ortikiltir (SIAH) yer apremidi, dapre en kominike sorti kot Minister Ledikasyon.

Sa kominike i dir ki par kont tou dimoun ki ti prezan i sen e sof.

Minister in remersye Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz ki’n reponn tre vit e ki’n kapab met dife anba kontrol.

En gran mersi osi pour tou lezot lazans ki’n prezan pour vin ede e donn sipor.

Kominike Minister Ledikasyon

Seychelles Fire and rescue services agency

Minister Fonseka calls on officers on Christmas

Minister for Internal Affairs Errol Fonseka conducted his yearly Christmas round to all the departments within the ministry, to share some Christmas cheer and encouragement to officers working during the festive season.

The minister commenced his rounds at the Central Police Station as early as 7am, where he greeted the officers on duty, exchanged festive greetings, and shared some congratulatory words on the recent successes of the force, adding that the public’s perception of the force is changing for the positive.

From there he proceeded to the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency (SFRSA) and interacted with those who had worked the night shift. Similarly, he commended the officers, giving them government’s commitment to progressively improve the agency, and provide them with the necessary tools to deliver the expected standard of service.

“I would like to thank you for all your endeavours this year, and not just for this, but for the continuous service. I think your performance, I need not comment, as your performance speaks for itself. It truly does echo, and speak for itself,” Minister Fonseka stated.

As previously announced by Minister Fonseka before the National Assembly, there has been a worrying increase in fire cases across the country over the last few years. At the time, in October, the minister reported at least 21 calls to the agency just within the month and a total of 254 calls from the beginning of the year to October. The Le Chantier Mall fire could possibly be the biggest blaze this year.

From the SFRSA the minister called at the Mont Fleuri Police station, and then to the Immigration services at the Seychelles International Airport. With six flights scheduled over the course of Christmas day, a good number of staff were on duty, either at security counters, immigration desks, and around the airport facility.

During his interactions with employees, he unveiled government’s plans to next year progress further with the Travisory travel authorisation and data collection platform, to install the equipment, and to commence training for all officers at the soonest.

He was particularly impressed, and approved of the new uniforms, comprising a navy blazer, matching pants and skirts. The minister was even more blown away by the number of passenger arrivals, and the number of visitors that the small team of staff has to filter through and process daily.

Although just after 8am, at least 600 visitors had arrived onboard three different flights, and made their way through immigration.

The minister continued his rounds at the Montagne Posée Prison, and the Anse Boileau, Anse Royale, Beau Vallon and Perseverance police stations.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of Minister Fonseka’s visit to some departments within his ministry.

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