Fire in air conditioning unit at National Assembly building causes flooding

A fire broke out in an air conditioning unit at an office in the National Assembly building, Ile du Port on Thursday night, causing the sprinklers to go off and subsequently, flooding in the building.

It was the security officer at the facility who alerted the authorities of the incident, upon noticing that the building was flooded with water.

According to Speaker Roger Mancienne, the fire was not necessarily a big one and was not directly the cause of major damage, although the sprinkler system in place did result in some damage to the building facility. 

“According to the explanation which I have been given from officers of the fire services on the scene yesterday (Thursday), is that probably a small fire started in an air conditioner, and this could have been because of an electrical short or overheating, and evidently caused a spark and small fire. But what happened is that the fire set off the sprinkler system, which in instances whereby there is a fire or smoke, this water pipe sprinkles water in the area. And this happened and functioned as it should have, which is why the fire was put out fairly quickly,” he said.

“But it was after, when the water had flowed for a long time, which is where the main problem stemmed from. Most of the effects which we are seeing, was caused by the water, flooding in the different areas of the Assembly. The damage from the fire is fairly important, but it is not major in the sense that it is localised in one office. But the problem with the water is that it has spread everywhere, it has flooded upstairs and flowed downstairs as well into the Chambers where the assembly is held. This morning, some time has been taken to conduct the necessary inspections with the various agencies, and we observed that there is some damage to the flooring, and furniture, especially tables in certain offices, as well as the Chambers,” Speaker Mancienne noted.

He went on to state that the Chambers, and where sittings are held have both seen some damage. However, the most worrying damage caused was to equipment, such as the microphones within the room have been soaked in water, and it remains unclear whether they are still in good condition. Other equipment such as photocopiers are completely damaged and therefore need to be changed, as well as others in the broadcast and recording system.

“We are still evaluating how much damage was caused to our computers, our servers, and the extent of the damage. Throughout the day, the electricians were redoing the electrical in the building in different phases, to verify if it works, if it is has had any impact on the electrical system which could potentially be a problem later. We are doing the same exercise with the water system. The damage caused is certainly important and serious, but to what extent it will stop the work of the assembly next week, I cannot say for this time,” Speaker Mancienne added.

More information is to be provided as to whether the assembly will resume duties as usual on Tuesday.

Laura Pillay

Dife i detri en lakaz St Louis Dife in konpletman detri en lakaz de lasanm Stevenson Delhomme Road, St Louis

Dife in konpletman detri en lakaz de lasanm Stevenson Delhomme Road, St Louis tar yer apremidi.

Dapre en zofisye Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz, ti ver 4.30 apremidi letan zot ti vwar gro lafimen nwanr depi kot zot stasyon e zot ti deswit deplase avan menm ki zot ti ganny okenn lapel piblik.

I dir deswit zot ti mobiliz trwa masin ek nef zonm pour al konbat sa dife e esey protez lezot lakaz obor.

I dir ti pran zot anviron wit (8) minit pour met sa dife anba kontrol e 45 minit pour tenny li konpletman.

Msye Winston Laurence, ki ti zofisye responsab sa loperasyon, i dir ti napa personn kot sa lakaz ler sa dife ti pran me bann vwazen ti’n esey koste pour retir enpe keksoz dan lakaz ler zot ti vwar dife me pa bokou akoz sa dife ti tro entans.

Dapre rapor zis de adilt – en msye avek son garson – ki ti reste dan sa lakaz e zot in perdi tou zot keksoz.

Lanket in konmanse pour determin vre lakoz sa dife.

Bann portre ki akonpanny lartik i montre en pe dega okazyonnen par sa dife.

SFRSA seychelles

Fire services in seychelles

Seychelles Fire and rescue services agency

Fire completely destroys four-bedroom house at Anse Louis

A four-bedroom house belonging to the Bonnelame family at Anse Louis was completely destroyed by fire late yesterday evening.

According to eye witnesses, the fire originated from one of the bedrooms, before quickly spreading over the whole building which was being shared by a mother and her son.

Still according to eye witnesses, it was only when they arrived on site that the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency realised that their vehicle was not carrying any water and had to go back, while neighbours and family members tried to control the blaze by using water hoses and other means.

Our photo shows neighbours trying to combat the blaze with water hoses.

Roland Duval

Fire and rescue in Seychelles

Dife i andomaz trwa lakaz North East Point

Dife in andomaz trwa lakaz dan en blok flat yer, safwasi dan vilaz Sea View, North East Point.

Sa lensidan dife ti ariv ver 10er45 yer bomaten.

Aparaman dife ti pran dan en lakaz apre propaz dan de lezot lakaz. Akoz dife en katriyenm lakaz ti napa elektrisite.

Bann manm fanmiy ki reste dan sa kat lakaz in ganny led pour zot ganny en lot landrwa tanporer.

Ti pran bann zofisye Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz trwa masin e 15 minit pour met sa dife anba kontrol.

Avek sa letan tre so e bokou divan akoz sezon vannswet, plizyer lensidan dife in ganny raporte tou resaman.

I enportan alors ki nou pran plis prekosyon par fer sir ki napa dife ki reste alimen letan nou absan kot nou lakour, ki bann difil elektrik pa andomaze, eksetera.

Fire and rescue in Seychelles

Dife i detri en lakaz Anse Boileau

Dife in konpletman detri en lakaz yer dan sou distrik Cap Sainte Marie dan distrik Anse Boileau.

Menm si nou’n ganny en portre sa dife, i pa’n posib pour nou ganny plis detay lo ki mannyer sa dife ti konmanse.

Nou osi pa asire kote bann manm fanmiy ki ti pe reste dan sa lakaz in pas lannwit yer.

fires in seychelles

Trwa dife brousay dan lazournen yer

Trwa dife brousay in ganny raporte dan lazournen yer me erezman zot in ganny met anba kontrol atan avan ki zot in fer bokou dega.

Sa trwa dife ti ganny raporte Mont Buxton, Persévérance e La Retraite.

Malerezman letan nou ti kontakte Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz pour ganny plis detay lo sa bann dife, zofisye relasyon piblik kot sa lazans, Msye Jones Madeleine ti dir ki i napa lenformasyon detaye ziska preza lo sa bann dife. 

Sa 2 portre i montre landrwa ki sa dife in brile La Retraite tar yer apremidi e bann zofisye Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz pe fer sir sa dife i tenny konpletman.

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