Lentervansyon rapid SFRSA i eparny en lakaz kont dife

Lazans servis tenny dife ek sovtaz (SFRSA) ti bezwen entervenir yer apremidi pour tenny en dife okazyonnen par en kastrol lo en kouker dan en lakaz ki ti fermen Ile Perseverance.

Sa lensidan ti’n kapab vin grav si SFRSA pa t’in ariv atan.

Sete ver 3er edmi ki sa lazans ti ganny en kou-d-telefonn par vwazen pour lasistans e trwa masin tenny dife ti ganny deplwaye.

En zofisye tenny dife dan loperasyon ti dir ki ler zot ti ariv laba, ti annan loder brile ki ti pe sorti dan sa lakaz e vi ki lakaz ti fermen zot ti bezwen kas laport pour rantre. Zot ti reisi tenny dife dan sa kastrol ki ti’n brile konpletman.

Zofisye relasyon piblik kot SFRSA, Jones Madeleine, in lans en lapel ankor avek tou dimoun pour fer sir ki zot tenny tou lekipman -- karo, boulwar, kouker, eksetera. -- avan ki zot kit zot lakour.

Dife i parsyelman afekte restoran Chez Batista

Dife kot restoran tre renonmen dan distrik Takamaka, Chez Batista, i premye aksidan grav ki lazans servis tenny dife e sovtaz in rikorde pour sa lannen.

Sa lensidan ti ganny raporte avek sa lazans yer granmanten anviron 5er28.

Msye Jones Madeleine, portparol sa lazans, ti esplike ki zot ti deplway en masin tenny dife ek en pick-up sortikot zot stasyon Anse Boileau ensi ki de lezot sorti kot zot stasyon anvil.

«Ler nou zofisye ti arive, dife ti aflanm partou lo twatir sa restoran,» Msye Madeleine ti esplike.

Twatir sa batiman in parsyelman ganny fer avek fey lantanyen, bann fey sentetik ensi ki avek tol.

I ti azoute ki i pa ti pran bokou letan pour zot met sa dife anba kontrol e zofisye ti arive tenny dife konpletman ver 8er15 bomaten.

Dapre Msye Madeleine, twatir ek restoran in ganny parsyelman afekte me en lasanm ki pour zanfan sa propriyeter in ganny detrir konpletman.

«Nou pe konmans nou lenvestigasyon e nou pa konnen egzakteman ki manyer dife in komanse me selman i montre ki i annan posibilite ki dife in konmans anler e apre in desann anba. Selman sa pa ankor ganny konfirmen,» Msye Madeleine ti dir

Napa personn ki’n ganny blese dan sa lensidan.

En madanm i sov en lakaz kont dife

En madanm ti eparny en lakaz ganny detri par dife zis avan 5er yer apremidi apre ki i ti tenny en dife ki ti pe konmanse dan en lasanm dan sa lakaz Perseverance.

Dapre zofisye relasyon piblik servis tenny dife Msye Jones Madeleine, sa madanm ti’n santi loder lafimen e i ti mont dan lasanm pour al gete kot sa loder ti sorti.

I ti vwar dife pe konmanse dan en glob pour transpor lo en letazer dan sa lasanm e deswit i ti taye e al rod delo e anmennen dan en boutey e esey tenny sa dife.

Letan bann zofisye tenny dife ti arive dife ti’n fini tennyen e tou keksoz ti anba kontrol.

Msye Madeleine i dir i annan gran posibilite ki larder soley in fer sa glob pete e koz en spark akoz napa okenn lezot posibilite ki’n kapab fer en dife konmanse dan sa landrwa swivan zot lenspeksyon.

Dife lo landfill Providence

Bann ponpye ki travay avek Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz ti pe konbat en dife yer swar lo landfill Providence.

Sa dife in pran pli presizeman kot bann vye feray i ganny depoze.

Zournal Seychelles NATION pa’n reisi ganny plis detay akoz zofisye relasyon piblik kot Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz, Msye Jones Madeleine, pa ti kapab koz avek nou lo telefonn akoz i ti tro okipe pe ede tenny dife.

Nou ava rapel ki i pa premye fwa ki dife i pran lo landfill Providence.

Fire causes FoodPro to close down temporarily

The Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency (SFRSA) had to intervene to put out a fire that had broken out in the early morning of yesterday at the meat processing factory Food Pro at Union Vale.

In a communiqué, the FoodPro management said the fire occurred only in the engine room and the police and the fire services are conducting an investigation into the cause of the fire which was put under control by 6.30am.

Seychelles fire and rescue services

Due to smoke hazards in the area, security measures were taken to prevent people from approaching the scene and motorists had to seek alternative routes to their destinations until a few hours later when the road was cleared for traffic.

The FoodPro management said the factory will remain closed until further notice and that the company is working closely with concerned partners and contractors to restore power in the factory so that the situation gets back to normal as soon as possible.

FoodPro is a private company employing 75 workers.

Seychelles simulates tsunami alert exercise

Seychelles joined more than 20 countries in the Indian Ocean region in participating in a tsunami simulation exercise, referred to as the Exercise Indian Ocean Wave 2018 (IOWave18).

The two-day tsunami exercise, which spanned from September 4-5, tested the capacities of the national warning system and local emergency responders in areas such as communication, rapidity of response, preparedness and evacuation procedures.

The exercise is conducted every two years and is aimed at increasing the level of tsunami preparedness in Indian Ocean countries in the aftermath of the devastating 2004 tsunami.

It builds on previous Indian Ocean exercises conducted in 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2016.

On the first day of the simulation exercise, Seychelles and other countries were tested with a scenario where a tsunami alert was raised due to a magnitude 9.0 earthquake which occurred off the coast of Iran.

According to the director general of the Department for Risk and Disaster Management (DRDM) Paul Labaleine, although a Code Red alert was raised on the first day no deployments of resources were made.

Rather the first day mostly focused on the component of communication links between the various agencies involved.

These agencies included the police force, the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency (SFRSA), Seychelles Peoples’ Defence Forces (SPDF) and district task forces among others.

Mr Labaleine explained that communications was an essential component to evaluate because it allowed the emergency liaison officers and responders in each agency to get used to these procedures.

“For some of these participants it was their very first time. Aside from communications, they were also able to participate in drafting an action plan for a tsunami response for the very first time,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile the second day, which was yesterday, saw another simulation where a tsunami alert was received at 7am.

The earthquake was at a magnitude of 9.3 and occurred off the western coast of Northern Sumatra in Indonesia, the same area which had caused the tsunami in 2004.

This time, the responders conducted a much hands-on approach whereby a Code Red alert was activated following which all protocols and resources were mobilised.

“This tsunami was much stronger than that of the previous day. Even though it was almost the same magnitude as the first earthquake, the waves were much stronger,” Mr Labaleine explained.

Perseverance district was chosen as the location for the mock drill and Mr Labaleine explained that this is because coastal areas are the first to be evacuated and assisted during a tsunami threat.

Additionally, Perseverance is also the ideal testing ground due to its extreme low-level and its large number of inhabitants which “acts as a challenge” for the emergency response teams.

From 8am up until around noon, their goal was to evacuate inhabitants to the shelters set up at the Perseverance primary school and the Anse Etoile church.

At 1.30pm officers from the DRDM, police force, SFRSA, Perseverance District Emergency Brigade Team and even from the Public Utilities Corporation were deployed on the field.

A rapid assessment exercise was undertaken to evaluate the extent of the damage and conduct search and rescue operations to save those who somehow had not been able to evacuate.

In order to administer these operations, a temporary command centre was set up on the second floor of the Perseverance secondary school and which was linked to the main command centre at DRDM’s office in Mont Fleuri. The exercise concluded at around 3.30pm.

To note, yesterday was the first time that the command centre made use of drones during a disaster operation. This refers to the WeRobotics workshops held earlier this year in which various disaster responders, including the DRDM, were introduced to drones applications.

Perseverance District Administrator (DA) and head of the district’s emergency brigade Pharisianne Lucas said that she was satisfied with how the exercise was conducted even though there were certain small deficits.

Ms Lucas explained that the decision to host Perseverance’s emergency shelter at Anse Etoile needs to be revised in cases where Anse Etoile is also impacted.

She also acknowledged weaknesses in communications as well in the lack of alertness of her own response team.

“They have to be on alert at all times because you never know what might happen […]we have to re-evaluate our brigade and ensure people are more committed at all times for the safety of our community.”

A debriefing on the two-day simulation exercise is expected to be undertaken in the coming weeks with all stakeholders.

The accompanying photographs show scenes from the exercise yesterday.

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