• Seychelles Fire and rescue services agency
  • Seychelles Fire and rescue services agency
  • Seychelles Fire and rescue services agency
  • Seychelles Fire and rescue services agency
  • Seychelles Fire and rescue services agency
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Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency


Fifth building destroyed by fire this week

03-08-2017 News

More fire incidents have been reported this week. A house at St. Louis was completely destroyed during the night of Wednesday 2 August 2017. This is the fifth case of severe fire incidents reported this week. “We received a call at 11.57 p.m last night reporting that a house at St...

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Fires caused SCR 21.6 million in damage since January

21-07-2017 News

Fires continue to cause enormous damage and result in huge costs despite the all preventive measures taken by authorities and individuals. Damage to buildings and vehicles account for the major part of this cost. “The number of fire cases reported for the first half of the year 2017 is almost similar...

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Dife i detri 2 lakaz obor kanmarad Beau Vallon

02-06-2017 News

Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services agency

De (2) lakaz atase avek kanmarad dan distrik Beau Vallon e ki ti pe abrit plis ki 20 dimoun dan 7 lasanm antou ti konpletman detri par dife yer zis avan 10er bomaten. Erezman menm si ti annan dimoun kot sa 2 lakaz personn pa’n ganny dimal me i annan ki’n...

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Ammonia leak on purse seiner

17-05-2017 News

A small leakage of ammonia gas occurred yesterday on a tuna purse seiner based at the New Port. The incident was reported to the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency (SFRSA) at around 10.30am. SFRSA spokesperson Jones Madeleine said the leakage occurred while tests were being undertaken on the systems and some...

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First responders in emergency management enhance knowledge o…

15-05-2017 News

A group of representatives from key first responder agencies, organisations and departments have enhanced their skills in and boost their knowledge of preventing, dealing with and mitigating the effects of accidents involving hazardous substances in high risk chemical facilities. The Chemical Safety and Security in the Central and Eastern African Region...

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Heroes rewarded

07-05-2017 News

On the occasion of the International Fire Fighters' Day which was on 4 May, a few activities were held in order to celebrate the hard work by our local firefighters. To commemorate the International Fire Fighters’ Day which was on 4 May, a series of activities were organised by the Seychelles...

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