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En madanm i sov en lakaz kont dife

07-12-2018 News

En madanm ti eparny en lakaz ganny detri par dife zis avan 5er yer apremidi apre ki i ti tenny en dife ki ti pe konmanse dan en lasanm dan sa lakaz Perseverance. Dapre zofisye relasyon piblik servis tenny dife Msye Jones Madeleine, sa madanm ti’n santi loder lafimen e i...

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Dife lo landfill Providence

29-11-2018 News

Bann ponpye ki travay avek Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz ti pe konbat en dife yer swar lo landfill Providence. Sa dife in pran pli presizeman kot bann vye feray i ganny depoze. Zournal Seychelles NATION pa’n reisi ganny plis detay akoz zofisye relasyon piblik kot Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz, Msye Jones Madeleine...

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Fire causes FoodPro to close down temporarily

04-10-2018 News

The Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency (SFRSA) had to intervene to put out a fire that had broken out in the early morning of yesterday at the meat processing factory Food Pro at Union Vale. In a communiqué, the FoodPro management said the fire occurred only in the engine room...

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Seychelles simulates tsunami alert exercise

06-09-2018 News

Seychelles joined more than 20 countries in the Indian Ocean region in participating in a tsunami simulation exercise, referred to as the Exercise Indian Ocean Wave 2018 (IOWave18). The two-day tsunami exercise, which spanned from September 4-5, tested the capacities of the national warning system and local emergency responders in areas...

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En bato lwazir i sibir domaz swivan en leksplozyon abor

10-08-2018 News

The Real Sea Princess Ocean Girl Charter, en bato ekskirsyon ki baze Bel Ombre e ki ti lo mouyaz, ti sibir domaz parsyel apre en lensidan dife abor yer bomaten. Sa lensidan ti ariv ver 8er ler ki en travayer lo sa bato katamaran, Christian Pool, ti start masin e sete...

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Firefighters put out blaze in the middle of the night

10-08-2018 News

After containing and putting the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation warehouse fire under control on Wednesday afternoon, fire-fighters monitoring the situation on sight had to fight and put out small blazes which reignited every now and then all throughout the night until early yesterday morning. Public relations officer for the Seychelles Fire...

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