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My job is to risk my life to save others

18-05-2018 News

Earlier this month, Seychelles joined the rest of the world to celebrate International Labour Day and International Firefighters’ Day which were observed on May 1 and 4 respectively. With 22 years of service dedicated to firefighting, Jones Madeleine shares his journey as a firefighter and reminds us of the importance of...

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Dife i detri en lakaz Reef Estate

12-05-2018 News

En dife in konpletman detri en lakaz an blok trwa lasan ver 11er bomaten yer. En zonm ek son manman aze 85-an ti pe reste dan sa lakaz e sa madam ti ankor dan lakaz letan sa dife ti pran me i ti reisi sove avek led ban lezot dimoun avan...

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Bann ponpye i parade dan lavil pour montre zot skil ek lekip…

07-05-2018 News

Bann zofisye servis tenny dife ek sovtaz baze anvil lo Lari Latanier ek bann kot Erport Enternasyonal Sesel, Pointe Larue ti zwenn ansanm Sanmdi bomaten pour parade dan lavil pour montre piblik zot skil dan tenny dife ek sov dimoun dan danze e osi bann kalite kekipman ki zot annan...

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International Firefighters’ Day ‒ May 4 - 10 firefighters pr…

05-05-2018 News

19 receive certificates after completing training in different fields A group of 10 firefighters from both the Airport Fire and Rescue Services, and the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency based in Victoria have been promoted in a ceremony to coincide with International Firefighters’ Day yesterday, May 4. The ceremony took place...

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Oceana Fisheries responsible for ammonia leakage

07-04-2018 News

The Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency (SFRSA) has confirmed that the traces of ammonia that were spotted in three sewerage substations leading up to the Fishing Port was due to human error by the workers of Oceana Fisheries. The suspected case of ammonia leakage was reported on March 29, and...

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Dife i parsyelman bril en lakaz Perseverance 2

16-03-2018 News

Dife in detri twatir lasanm en lakaz yer dan vilaz Perseverance 2. Sa lakaz i pour Msye Ronnie Etheve ki travay kot Hunt Deltel e lanket pe ganny fer pour determin lakoz sa dife. Ti ver 7er ki Lazans Servis Tenny Dife ek Sovtaz ti ganny alerte lo sa dife kot zot...

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